How do I check-in at Studio 154?
Studio 154 Luxury Hotel is a Bluetooth enabled property. You will receive an email prior to your arrival explaining our check-in process, including the smartphone app needed to access your suite. Please note that Studio 154 is a self check-in location without a front desk as everything can be accomplished through the use of your smartphone. Should you need further assistance our manager is always available via text or email.
Where do I unload my luggage upon arrival?
There is a valet area reserved for guests of Studio 154 directly in front of the building. Should you need assistance, please let us know and we will make any necessary arrangements!
What should I do with my luggage if I arrive before my check-in?
Studio 154 currently does not have an area to store luggage before check in. We will, however, provide you with a third party service in your introductory email where you will receive an exclusive discount to store luggage should you arrive before your check-in time. 
Is there a cleaning fee?
Yes, the cleaning fee is included in your booking invoice.
Where do I park?
Studio 154 Luxury Hotel DOES NOT have a parking garage. There is off street parking and parking garages located across the street on Commerce Ave and up the street on 2nd and Church St. Studio 154 Luxury Hotel is not responsible for any damage, lost, or theft of property in your vehicle or your vehicle.